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Fine Wine & GourmeTravel (FW&GT) designs luxury wine and culinary journeys around the world for travelers hungry for unique experiences combined with great wine and food.

Eat Well 
Travel Often

Life is made of moments

Whether it's a wine spa in Italy, a corporate gourmet dinner in Paris, a group tequila tasting in Mexico, or a hotel with intimate charm and warmth, we will craft the perfect culinary journey for you to produce unforgettable memories and everlasting ties with those destinations. 

More than 30 years of creating itineraries for thousands of clients has led us to understand that the best way to enjoy places and their essence is not only through their landscapes and people but also by sharing a meal and drink at a local table. Gastronomy stimulates our most valuable memories with their aromas, flavors, and colors. We firmly believe that every destination is a source of almost infinite experiences. Everything depends on the way you explore those places. We, in each and every one of our itineraries, give you the most professional and dedicated service to make those experiences possible. Our trips are unique and authentic experiences in every visited region. They are created for the traveler ready to go beyond traditional and average tourism.  

Life is made of moments. Allow us to assist you in making that adventurous part of your life, a succession of unforgettable moments. Relax and have fun, leave the rest in our hands. Experience and savor the world's best gastronomy with Fine Wine & GourmeTravel!


66 West Flagler Street, 8th Floor, Miami, Florida 33130

Phone Numbers

Direct: 786 246 0954 - Office: 305 856 8889


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