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- Oscar Wilde


Discovering unique flavors while traveling is part of what makes a destination so thrilling and memorable. This is why we have curated some inspiration for you to use for your next adventure. Our itineraries are fully customizable to better suit your foodie needs. All of these inspirations are available with the finest hotels and tours in the area. Even the most discerning of travelers are sure to discover something to satisfy their mouth-watering desires.


The food here is unique and very different from what most people consider "Mexican" food. It includes influences from the local Mayan cuisine, as well as Caribbean, European and Middle Eastern foods. This includes lots of pork, cheeses, and Achiote spice. Mérida is also a cultural center featuring multiple museums, art galleries, restaurants, and an abundance of colonial buildings painted in "cal". This is why the city's nick name is "The White City" (La Ciudad Blanca).


Home to the best-known mole, the Mole Poblano. Puebla is a beautiful colonial city with Talavera pottery covered buildings. Some of the haciendas has now been converted into hotels where you can stay the night and you can enjoy the foods that they are best known for: cemitas, mole poblano, chiles en nogada and chalupas.

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