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Is traveling more this year one of your goals on the check list? Well then you're in luck! Here are the first couple of departure destinations that we have planned for 2020! Also keep in mind that we can customize any trip to meet your expectations. 


Walk through the streets of Mexico City and Puebla while enjoying the gastronomy and tradition of this beautiful country. Experience the fusion of cultures, architecture, and flavors with private tours, gourmet dinners, tequila tastings and more. You'll even have time to snag some handmade crafts to take home with you! Find Out More


Begin your journey in Venice, the magical city known for the birth of Carnival. A celebration with a historical dance, masquerade parade, romantic gondola ride, and unforgettable gastronomy will make this tour a perfect beginning to your holiday. Then travel to the city of style, grace and fashion, Milan. A city where you can find a rich history of art and the majestic Duomo. 


Start with a few nights in Buenos Aires where you will enjoy a great asado, an upscale Tango show, and a sip of coffee at the oldest coffee shop in town. Then, discover a one of a kind marvel, a walking tour on The Perito Moreno glacier. And to end this journey, a trip to Mendoza to taste the best Malbec and enjoy gourmet meals. Find Out More

SOUTH AFRICA Enjoy 8 nights in South Africa. With a start in the Mother Land of Cape Town, then a few nights at a Wine Farm in Stellenbosch and an adventurous end with a stay in a Safari Lodge.  Find Out More NAPA Visit the region of the world where winemakers have found the perfect soil to grow their world-renowned wines. Enjoy breath-taking vineyards and private wine tastings paired with gourmet-style food. Find Out More

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