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-Dalai Lama


Discovering unique flavors while traveling is part of what makes a destination so thrilling and memorable. This is why we have curated some inspiration for you to use for your next adventure. Our itineraries are fully customizable to better suit your foodie needs. All of these inspirations are available with the finest hotels and tours in the area. Even the most discerning of travelers are sure to discover something to satisfy their mouth-watering desires.


Start where everything begins – the vineyard. Enjoy the vines of the Ramisco grape variety, enjoy a wine course, taste the local grape varieties, and experience the winemaking. At lunchtime, enjoy the “Leitão de Negrais” (suckling pig from Negrais). For dessert, visit one of the only three Queijadas de Sintra factories where you learn the history of the Queijadas (small cheesecakes) and other traditional Sintra sweets.


Enjoy visiting the “lota”, (Cascais’s fish market) where you can feel the colors and listen to the “pregões” (fishmongers sayings) while enjoying a snack of delicious “joaninha” (egg and almond sweet biscuit ) with a “bica” (espresso coffee). In Oeiras you can visit the vines of Carcavelos, who's white and red grapes give us the delightful king’s wine. This makes for a great pairing with local sweets such as “carcaveló” (sponge cake) or “queijadas de Oeiras” (chestnuts cupcakes). 

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